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Gannon1 Wyn Gannon Professor McClure-Wade Expository Writing 1010-044 October 17, 2007 Television Teaches: From Barney to CNN Television is a huge part of the anatomy of modern society. So the question is, is it something useful like the hands or is it the appendix, which achieves nothing and in some cases hurts? Well, the truth is that it is a little bit of both. Television teaches good and evil things; it teaches useful and useless things. I have been influenced greatly by what I have learned through television, and what television has taught me can provide a glimpse into how American society has been impacted. Television is a tool that provides its audience with information, and information is power. Therefore, throughout my life I have been subject to endless amounts of information via television. Television teaches. Depending on what shows, television has provided me with life lessons, whether they were moral or not, as well as intellectual information, whether it was useful or not. Life lessons are made up of two parts: moral and immoral. These two divisions of the life lessons taught by television influence my piers and me every time we watch television. Children’s shows are packed full of virtuous life lessons that may seem obvious to an adult, but can influence a child greatly. When I was young, my friends and I always watched either “Barney” or “Sesame Street.” I remember that “Barney” taught me to share. I hated to share when I was young, but I knew that “Barney” shared, so I would always try my best to do the same. Then in my middle school years, there was a cartoon called “Captain Planet.” In this show, a group of teenagers represented different parts of nature. These different parts of nature
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Essay2Draft2 - Gannon1 Wyn Gannon Professor McClure-Wade...

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