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Business and Professional Speaking - Business &...

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Final Exam Text: Communicating at Work: Principles and Practices for Business and the Professions. Chapter 8 Working in Teams and Chapter 9 Effective Meetings Chapter 8 Working in Teams: · Characteristics of Work Groups page 237-239: Define work group. Size (larger the size less ef- fective). Interaction , Shared purpose , Interdependence , Interaction , Communication · What Makes a Group a Team page 239-240: Clear & inspiring shared goals, Results-driven struc- ture, Members Competent, Unified commitment, Collaborative climate, Standards of excellence, External support and recognition, Principled leadership. · Types of Groups & Teams pages 240-242: Virtual Teams: Ability to transcend boundaries of loc- ation and time. How they function differently from face-to-face. Teleconferences, online meet- ings, instant messaging and videoconferences are all types of virtual meetings conducted in reality. Despite the advantages in Virtual meetings it cannot replace all the functions of face-to- face communication. Page 242. · Centralized and Decentralized Leadership page 242: Centralized leadership takes place with lead- ership from the top and designated. Decentralized leadership takes place at the bottom with shared or emergent leadership. · Approaches to Centralized Leadership pages : o Four approaches: trait, style, contingency, emergent pages 242-245 Define and character- istics of each approach. o
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Business and Professional Speaking - Business &...

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