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english test - Erinn Broadus English 200 Question one My...

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Erinn Broadus English 200 March 13, 2011 Question one: My definition of a poem is as follows: “a poem is an assembly of words, phrases and punctuation that attempts to display a meaning or idea from the writer. It does not have to be in any type of format but often rhymes or follows a rhythmic pattern. Poems are the abstract of literature.” When first looking at this piece I was reminded of the punctuation style of e.e. Cum- mings, or the lack there of. Although there is little to physically see and read, I think this poem is using simplicity to further accentuate its meaning. The piece isolates the word ‘one’ in loneliness and it’s the only word that hasn’t “fallen” in part, by the writing. This technique identifies the importance of the word to this particular poem. It represents isolation and sadness and does so through the writing technique. This poem is saying a lot using a little, one can identify with the piece and relate to it, making it undoubtedly a piece of poetry.
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