Crim paper - Erinn Broadus Criminological Theories March...

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Erinn Broadus Criminological Theories March 25, 2011 It is difficult to pinpoint a theory on the four men because what they have done with their adult lives after the academy is scarcely detailed in the movie. What the movie does explain, however, is that John and Tommy went on to lead a gang, the Westside Boys and the other two did not. Despite the catastrophic difference this lifestyle decision made for the men, I believe the theories explaining their motivations are rational choice and routine theory. Routine activity theory emphasizes motivation, which is what each of the boys had in abundance. The theory states that criminal activity is more likely if there are three determining factors; a motivated offender, suitable target, and lack of capable guardi- ans. The notes detail that the “probability of these factors occurring is influenced by our routine activities.” (Trojan, Lecture Notes. 2/19/2011). It is through those routine activities that the men differ. Though all of them were equally motivated for revenge because of the institute, only John and Tommy entered a world of violence and joined a gang. The joining of the Westside boys eliminated any capable guardians and instead taught the boys a lifestyle of heartless violence, making every body a suitable target. According to Akers and Seller, (2009) “the likelihood of
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Crim paper - Erinn Broadus Criminological Theories March...

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