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ANSWERS: RENAL REVIEW QUESTIONS 1a. True 1b. True 2. c 3. Renal clearance = 120 ml/min and GFR = 120 ml/min 4a. C inulin = 116.67 ml/min C urea = 51.3 ml/min C PAH = 408.3 ml/min 4b. Renal plasma flow = 408.3 ml/min Renal blood flow = 680.5 ml/min 4c. Amonut of urea reabsorbed = 0.328 mmol/min 4d.
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Unformatted text preview: Amount of PAH secreted = 583.33 mg/min 5. b 6a. False 6b. True 6c. False 6d. True (assuming that there is proper medullary hyperosmotic gradient and the distal nephron is properly responsive) 7. d 8. c 9. c 10a. True 10b. False 10c. False 10d. True...
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