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Choose a Major Understanding yourself is a key factor in selecting an appropriate major. For this reason, reviewing your assessment profile is important. Though you may have clear focus on a college major, most programs have specializations to chose from as well. Choosing a major can be a confusing process even if you know the type of occupation you want to pursue. Often workers in a chosen field have a variety of degrees. Many occupational fields need workers with varying strengths in many areas. A degree demonstrates the ability to learn and in a changing workplace that is valued by industry. To provide options, some students plan to seek a double major. Generally another major will require additional courses that can cause the student to remain in school for an extra semester or more. Occasionally there is a compelling reason to do this but if there is no clear monetary or professional advantage in getting another undergraduate degree, the time at a lower educational level may be better spent in the next educational level. At the Associate Degree level a student has two more years of courses to graduate with a Bachelors' Degree and at the four year college level, a student may have only one or two years of graduate work to graduate at a Masters Degree level. If these students spent the semester or so at the next educational level, there may be only a couple of semesters remaining for that next level degree. On occasion the double or in some cases triple majors may be worth the time if the number of courses required are not many. One instance is when the major is in a field that is difficult to enter such as theater. Some students may benefit from adding a marketing major to provide an avenue for entry into the business end of the entertainment field while waiting to be discovered as a performer. Even in this instance, if there are a number of courses required to get the additional undergraduate degree in marketing, the student may want to consider starting a Masters in Business Administration. The resume could read MBA Marketing in progress, potentially positioning the individual for more compensation and higher level of responsibility. Of course, this is only one example of a double major combination, other students depending on their assessment profile may benefit from a different combination of majors. However, it is generally more cost effective in time and money to complete one degree and take any additional courses at the next educational level. Remember it is not only the college costs that are incurred but often the lack of income that the student will incur as a result of not being fully employed in his or her chosen field and gaining the year or so of marketable experience. Choosing a major is a function of knowing yourself. Having clearly focused goals
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education_work_experience_planning_workshop - Education and...

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