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F2011SA1 - 4 Using the idea of expectations explain the...

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Short Answer Study Sheet 1 Fall 2011 1. Critically evaluate the idea that “falling in love” is a good indicator that you have found your soulmate. (Hint: Use Slater) 2. Using either Slater or Tavris discuss how panhuman emotions can be scripted differently by different tribes or cultures. What does this suggest about "love"? If we want to change our “love” experience what should we focus on? 3. Explain how MacIntyre illustrates Buber's claim the "I-You has no borders."
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Using the idea of expectations, explain the claim “Nothing has produced more unhappiness than the concept of the soul mate.” 5. Stating the relevant portion of the Canadian/American Self Script and the American Love Script, pinpoint the conflict between them and explain the tension. 6. Explain this claim: We should break up with our bad scripts and not our supposedly bad girlfriends/boyfriends (I'm not denying that truly bad partners exist!)...
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