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occupational_exploration_workshop (1) - Occupational...

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Occupational Exploration Workshop O*NET O*Net provides descriptions and other helpful information to assist in you occupational exploration. An example of an O*Net search for Advertising and Promotion Managers follows: Go to the O*Net Web site at: http://online.onetcenter.org Click on "Find Occupations" Here you can find occupations using Keywords O*NET-SOC codes Job Families Viewing a complete list. In our example we will use Keywords. By Keyword: (Enter a word, phrase, or title, to search for an O*NET-SOC occupation.) Search Tips: To view an example: Enter the keyword, “advertising” and click on the "Go" link. You should see - Relevance Score O*NET-SOC Code O*NET-SOC Title Reports (help) 100 11-2011.00 Advertising and Promotions Managers Summary Details Custom Click on the "Summary" link to the right of the occupation title "Advertising and Promotions Managers". Note: in the "details" version important tasks, those used most
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