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Study Tips and Resources 2011

Study Tips and Resources 2011 - Renal Physiology Renal...

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Unformatted text preview: Renal Physiology Renal Physiology Study Tips and Resources Recommendations: Recommendations: How to study Renal Physiology AND do well in the exams.. Use materials in lectures to complement those in syllabus – Syllabus: detailed outlines with all important take­home messages (bolded), figures – Lectures: detailed explanations of concepts/figures After finish studying a topic, go through the ‘Behavioral Objectives’ at the beginning of that particular topic (or “Study Guides” on D2L) to make sure that you know/understand everything that you are supposed to, i.e. know the basic knowledge and be able to apply the knowledge. Read text Make sure that you REALLY understand the concepts and know how to apply them – Work through practice problems (see next slide) – Attend Renal Problem Solving session on 10/14/11 Ask questions! Practice Questions Practice Questions 10 Renal Review Questions in the syllabus The last section of the renal syllabus Answers will be posted on D2L 20 Practice Renal Exams (multiple choice) on D2L Simulated ‘real’ exams: timed, 2 min per question, similar difficulty Scores and correct choices provided after submission of exams No explanation provided Can repeat after re­learning concepts Should be taken AFTER you have studied the whole renal section Will be available after 10/12/11 ...
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