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How I edit I copy edit the Texas Observer. When I sit down to work, here's how I prepare. 1. I have my AP Stylebook at hand ready to use. 2. I open a Web browser to m-w.com. This is Webster's dictionary online. 3. I open a browser to hoovers.com. This is a database that lets me check on company names. Reporters frequently get them wrong or use incomplete versions. 4. I open a browser to google.com for general searches. 5. I open a browser to Lexis-Nexis configured so that I can search only Associated Press. If I can't find
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Unformatted text preview: something in the stylebook, I search the wire to see what proper style is. Web-based resources for editors A big bunch of interactive AP style exercises, plus lots of other learning tools. http://newsroom101.com/ Here you can look at the test the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund gives to prospective editing interns. http://editteach.org/specialprojects?id=8 The American Copy Editors Society http://www.copydesk.org/ Editteach is an organization of college editing teachers. Many exercises, guides. http://editteach.org/...
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