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Exam2 Solutions - MCE 262 Statics EXAM 2 Name 3 at wJfi...

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Unformatted text preview: MCE 262 Statics EXAM 2 October 30, 2009 Name 3 at wJfi «oz/b INSTRUCTOR Do work for this problem only on this sheet or on a continuation sheet. Do not use back ‘ of sheets. (50 pts) Problem 1. Consider the diagram shown below which shows a force F of 600 1b acting along the line joining points C and D. All dimensions are in ft. For this problem: a) (12 pts) Express the 600 lb force in vector form. b) (18 pts) Determine the moment (in vegor form) of this force about point A. c) (10 pts) Determine the magnitude of the moment of F about the A-B axis (1) (10 pts) Determine the angle between the line of action of F and the positive y—axis. a. nabs/~22») 4t c354,o,,2) 7% D:(0,’t/0) t6 a) “WWW LL} ”4:302 ..+ 406:) + 2006; $7 ’9" WA Apfinlg — <3L+ a; 3 3 3 9 4‘5 MCE 262 STATICS Problem #2 -= Exam #2 (50 points) Problem 2 Name Sfi/a “film Instructor: CIRCLE YOUR FINAL ANSWER for each part ofthis problem part A B, C and D) (do all your work on the sheets attached) For the beam loaded with the concentrated load, the couple, and the distributed loads, as shown below and supported at locations A and B : 1,000 foot - pounds Y A 283 pounds 6 feet A 450 V 12 feet 50 pounds per foot B 200 pounds per foot \ \x x ‘4— 10 feet .ybiffl— 10 feet Hi A. 20 Points - Draw a Free Body Diagram of the beam as loaded above. Note that the distributed loads should be converted to equivalent concentrated loads, and distances to the equivalent concentrated loads should be shown on the Free Body Diagram forces exerted onto the beam from supports ”A” and”B” should also be shown on th FBD. 5 Points B. How many unknowns are there in the Free Body Diagram you drew doing part A ? 20 Points C. Write the equilibrium equations associated with the Free Body Diamgram drawn in Part A, and solve for the forces that the supports put onto the beam. 5 Points ‘ D. Redraw the structure with all forces that are applied and include the ones that you solved for in Part C indicating the correct direction of the forces found in part C. *3 "PM «Paam Mam; :- Q :29? EA: #0321315 E ”1ka Ewan} m 590 (5)6399 L4) .4» paaagfl maaé ($3) 4* 5693c; 3% F73 :(2599 +12©o m éfgcm +4fim©~1ega>fla «I? a @ng KER! 3Q) Rig "Flag “[email protected]@ [email protected]@ :3 $ng H39 wg’éa “gag mam ...
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Exam2 Solutions - MCE 262 Statics EXAM 2 Name 3 at wJfi...

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