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MCE 262 Statics Homework Assignment Week #1 Fall 2009 1. Wood has a density of 4.70 slug/ft 3 . What is its density expressed in proper SI units of kg/m 3 ? 2. Convert the moment 200 lboft into the appropriate value in terms of Nom. 3. What is the weight in newtons of an object that has a mass of (a) 10 kg ( Ans. 98.1 N )
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Unformatted text preview: (b) 0.5 g (c) 4.5 Mg 4. Two particles of mass 8 kg and 12 kg are 800 mm apart. Determine the force of gravitational attraction acting between them. Also calculate the weight of each particle and indicate whether the gravitational force is larger or smaller than these weights. ( Ans. F g =10 nN )...
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