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Unformatted text preview: __________________________________________________________________________ Copyright 2008 D. G. Taggart, University of Rhode Island. All rights reserved. Disclaimer . 1 ABAQUS Tutorial Column Buckling Consider a 5 m column with a 10 cm circular cross-section (R=.05m) loaded in axial compression. The column is pinned at its ends. Determine the critical buckling modes and corresponding mode shapes Theoretical Solution The theoretical Euler buckling loads are given by For a steel column (E = 200 GPa) with I = 4.909e-6 m 4 , the critical buckling loads and mode shapes are given by Table 1. Theoretical Buckling Loads n P cr 1 3.876e5 2 1.550e6 3 3.488e6 4 6.202e6 5 9.690e6 6 1.395e7 Finite Element solution (ABAQUS) Start => Programs => ABAQUS 6.7-1 => ABAQUS CAE Select 'Create Model Database' File => Save As => create directory for files Module: Sketch Sketch => Create Add=> Point => enter coordinates (0,0), (0,5) => select 'red X' Add => Line => Connected Line => select point at (0,0) with mouse, then (0,5) , right click => Cancel Procedure => Done 2 2 2 L I E n P cr = First three mode shapes __________________________________________________________________________...
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This note was uploaded on 10/03/2011 for the course MCE 561 taught by Professor Sadd during the Spring '11 term at Rhode Island.

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