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HW8 - choosing For each run you should determine and show...

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MCE 561 Computational Methods in Solid Mechanics Homework Assignment 8 Due April 11, 2011 1. Use the PDE Toolbox to conduct a two-dimensional, plane stress finite element analysis of the stress concentration problem for the notched rectangular plate shown below. Those with last names are A-K should work the problem with w/d ≈ 1.05, while L-Z should do the case with w/d ≈ 1.5. Other than the w/d constraint, you may choose your own values for plate dimensions, notch cut out radii, and applied loading, but these should be clearly listed in your solution. You are to do two FEA runs one using a coarse mesh and the other using a finer mesh of your
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Unformatted text preview: choosing. For each run you should determine and show the following: a.) Print out window showing your model with marked dimensions and loading values. b.) Print out window showing your two meshes with numbers of nodes and elements. c.) Plot contour distributions of the horizontal (σ x ) and vertical (σ y ) normal stresses and the von Mises stress. d.) Using the cursor probing method, determine the maximum and minimum values of the stresses in part c.) e.) Compare your maximum FEA local stress σ x around the notch with the stress concentration curves provided. Note that K t = σ max / σ o . Comment on your comparisons. Problem B...
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