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assignment01 - amples 3(Extra Credit Visualize the parse...

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CSC402 - Assignment #1 Due in class Wed. 9/21 Problems: 1. Download the exp0.g grammar from the course website and extend it in such a way that the parser can recognize ’*’ (multiplication) and ’/’ (division) operators. Check that your grammar works with the Antlr tool. 2. Write a hand-coded recursive descent parser for your extended exp0 language. Demonstrate that your parser works with a couple key ex-
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Unformatted text preview: amples. 3. (Extra Credit) Visualize the parse tree that your parser constructs. Hand in your source code and proof that your program works. The easiest way to show that your program works is to include a screen capture of the window that is executing your parser/grammar. Good software engineer-ing/coding practices count towards your grade. 1...
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