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CSC402 - Assignment #2 Due in class Monday 9/26 Version 2.0 Problems: 1. Download the exp1x.g grammar from the course website and extend it in such a way that all arithmetic operators are inFx operators and pre- serve standard associativity and precedence for these operators. Prove that your grammar works correctly by using the AntlrWorks debugger to generate parse trees for a couple of telling examples. 2. (Extra Credit) Turn your extended grammar into a syntax directed interpreter application that can be run from the terminal and will in-
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Unformatted text preview: terpret programs written in the extended language. The interpreter should produce results to the terminal output similar to the interpreter discussed in class. Hand in your source code and proof that your program works. The easiest way to show that your program works is to include a screen capture of the window that is executing your parser/grammar. Good software engineer-ing/coding practices count towards your grade. 1...
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