5 - the requirements phase

5 - the requirements phase - The Requirement Phase...

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The Requirement Phase Requirements describe what the system is supposed to do using o Natural language o Diagrams o Other notation An important requirement of requirements is that they are understood by the customer/client for concept exploration/feedback/validation o Not too much technical jargon
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Elicitation Techniques Interviews o structured, planned, close-ended conversations o unstructured, encouraged to speak and brainstorm o in our case interview each other make sure you are all on the same page System/documentation inspection o Look at other similar systems to see if there is functionality that might want/need to incorporate Paper prototypes o Hand sketches of interface storyboard to determine scenarios Scenarios o A scenario is a way a user might use a target product to accomplish some objective o An easy way for the client to define functionality in an accessible way o Only major system functions should be explored/explained with scenarios. o
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5 - the requirements phase - The Requirement Phase...

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