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Data Mining Assignment #1 CSC592 – Fall ‘05 Overview You are to construct a decision tree for the given data set (tennis.arff – see course website) using the ID3 decision tree algorithm in the Weka toolset. The dependent variable for the tree is ‘play’. Once you have constructed the tree use the tree and the data Weka provides about the tree to answer the questions below. Questions 1. Does the tree adequately describe the data? Why? Why not? 2. Use the decision tree to figure out the value for the dependent variable for the following instance: outlook temperature humidity windy play rainy hot high false ? Justify your answer! Instructions Start the Weka explorer.
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Unformatted text preview: • Load the tennis.arff file using the ‘preprocess’ tab. • Switch tabs to ‘classify’ and select the ID3 algorithm with the ‘choose’ button (you will find ID3 under trees). • Set the ‘test options’ to ‘use training set’. • Make sure that ‘play’ is the attribute that shows below the test options. • Hit the ‘start’ button – the big pane should display information about the decision tree built. Grading Each question is worth 5 points. Handing in your assignment Hand in a written report describing your results. The due date is September 21 st in class ....
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