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Unformatted text preview: Requirements Specification CSC305 – Fall 2004 Due Date: Wednesday October 6th, in Lab Sign-Off Your requirements document shall be a textual document of 5-10 pages length that includes the following information: Introduction/System Objectives – This shall describe the need for the system, its functions, and explain how it will work with other systems. Explain why someone would use the system? What problems does it solve? Functional Requirements – The services provided for the user should be described in this section. The descriptions may use natural language, diagrams, scenarios or other notations that are understandable by customers. You should stay away from highly technical jargon unless it is the language of the problem domain the customer is familiar with. Give a detailed list of all of the tasks the system will perform for the user, without committing to how those tasks will be accomplished. Non-Functional Requirements – This section covers non-functional properties of the system such as response time, interfaces requirements, quality issues, and constraints. At a minimum, the non-functional requirements should include: • The deadlines given on the detailed course schedule. • The hardware that you plan to use. • The software that you plan to use including third party components and libraries. • Other constraints specific to your particular project Schedule – Sketch of a schedule with milestones (not detailed) using Microsoft Project or the equivalent. Glossary – This should define the technical terms used in the document. No assumptions should be made about the experience or expertise of the reader. Grading Sheet – Requirements 30% Functional requirements clearly and completely itemized 30% Non-functional requirements complete and clear 20% Quality/organization of writing and readability 10% Has all required parts 10% TA/Instructor Visit ...
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