schedule-with-names - Kevin Concepts 11/2 “Feature-Based...

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Cognitive Modeling – Schedule CSC592CM Fall 2006 Instructor: Dr. Lutz Hamel Introduction 9/ 14 “Cognitive Architectures and General Intelligent Systems” - Dave “Toward Virtual Humans” - Webster Semantic Networks 9/21 “Role of Knowledge in Discourse Comprehension”, Cognitive Modeling, Chap 1 - Deborah 9/28 no class Rules 10/5 “ACT: A Simple Theory of Complex Cognition”, Cognitive Modeling, Chap 2 - Adam 10/12 “How People Learn to Skip Steps”, Cognitive Modeling, Chap 19 - Rajesh Simple Heuristics 10/19 “Fast and Frugal Heuristics”, Simple Heuristics, Chap 1 - Wei “The Recognition Heuristic: How Ignorance Makes Us Smart”, Simple Heuristics, Chap 2 - Matt 10/26 “How Good are Simple Heuristics?”, Simple Heuristics, Chap 5 -
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Unformatted text preview: Kevin Concepts 11/2 “Feature-Based Induction”, Cognitive Modeling, Chap 31 - Steve Analogy 11/9 “Analogical Mapping by Constraint Satisfaction”, Cognitive Modeling, Chap 27 - William Neural Networks 11/16 “How Neural Networks Learn from Experience”, Cogn. Model, Chap 6 - Zameer “Learning Representations by Back-Propagating Errors”, Cogn. Model., Chap 8 - Zameer “The Hopfield Model”, Cogn. Model., Chap 7 - Andrew 11/23 no class 11/30 “Finding Structure in Time”, Cogn. Model., Chap 10 - Mike Emotions 12/7 “Context, Cortex, and Dopamine: A Connectionist Approach to Behavior and Biology in Schizophrenia”, Cogn. Model., Chap 14 - Noah...
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schedule-with-names - Kevin Concepts 11/2 “Feature-Based...

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