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Sequence Diagram Due Wednesday, November 10 th , 2003 _____________________________ (signoff TA, Instructor) Your next assignment is to provide a sequence diagram for your system . The diagram should clearly describe the flow of activity through the system in response to the main or most important action that an actor on the system can initiate (main use case). The diagram should clearly identify the objects that are involved in the path through the system. All objects appearing in the sequence diagram should appear in your specification class diagram. For every relationship in your class diagram which models part of the use case under scrutiny,
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Unformatted text preview: you should have some activity described in the sequence diagram. Also, every activity in the sequence diagram should be depicted by a relationship appearing in the class diagrams. Check for consistency in the naming of objects, classes, and operations . Please give a short introduction in text about the activity described and the objects involved. Grading Key: 60% - Sequence diagram with reasonable details. 40% - Consistency: • consistency among all documents with respect to classes, relationships and use cases. • consistency among diagrams, legends, text...
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