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Test Plan Due Wednesday, December 1 st , 2004 In this assignment you are to build a test plan for your product. This test plan is abbreviated in the sense that you are only to provide utility test cases . Your test cases should break down into two areas: test cases for input or output values that have specific ranges (equivalence testing with boundary analysis), test cases for functional testing. Each test case should have a very brief description, pass/fail criteria, and traceability (a pointer to the software requirements that the test case covers). For functional testing it is
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Unformatted text preview: also required to state the procedural steps for each test case. Grading Key: 50 % - Comprehensive testing of all the functional requirements of the product using equivalence and functional testing. 30% - Consistency between test document and requirements specification (traceability). 20% - All required details included in each test case (short description, pass fail criteria, traceability, and procedural steps (for functional testing)....
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