angels and demons[1]

angels and demons[1] - Carolyn and Chris Many question the...

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Carolyn and Chris Many question the belief of angels and demons, but the proof that they exist is outstanding. Angels and demons are acknowledged in several different forms and play an important role in various religions. In addition, they are mentioned throughout the Bible and are extremely important in the Christian religion. (add more and thesis) The first to take place is the discussion of angels and their existence, later leading into a similar discussion on demons. Although many question the existence of angels and demons, various forms of evidence is found through religious and other sources to prove greater forms of spiritual beings exist. Angels are not only an important aspect of the Christian religion, but also many other religions believing in different forms and duties of their angels. The Buddhist angels are referred to as devas , or spiritual beings often described as “bodies or emanations of light or energy” (Phillips 1). Devas are described as bodies of light and energy in the Buddhist religion. In the Eastern Orthodoxy tradition, the angels are part of nine bodiless hierarchy powers (“Angel (religion)” 1). Angels are involved in nine powers of authority in the Eastern Orthodoxy religion. The Eastern Orthodoxy religion is much like the Catholic’s in that they also have a fallen angel, known as Satan. Hinduism refers to their spiritual beings much like the Buddhists, as devas, meaning ‘shining ones’, who protect humans. Islam angels are called malaikah and carry Allah’s, or God’s, message to the world. Malaikah have no physical shape but change into various forms through visions or dreams. In the Islam religion they also believe that every person is assigned two guardian angels throughout their life (“Angel (religion)” 1). Each person in the Islam religion is placed with two guardian angels that watch over them from birth to death. Judaism angels are God’s messengers who help to carry out God’s plans. These
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angels and demons[1] - Carolyn and Chris Many question the...

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