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angels_and_demons[1][1][1] - Carolyn and Chris Belief of...

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Carolyn and Chris Belief of angels and demons is questioned, but the proof that they exist is overwhelming. Angels and demons are acknowledged as having several different appearances and play important roles, such as messengers, in various religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. In addition, they are mentioned throughout the Bible and are exceptionally important in Christianity. Similarly, the Bible is one of many guides to help people who study the configurations and tasks in which angels were assigned to complete, a study also known as angelology. Likewise, the Bible is a guide for the study of demons, otherwise known as demonology. Also, the Bible speaks of God condemning Lucifer, or Satan, once an archangel to Hell along with one-third of the angels who followed him. Another practice mentioned is exorcism, where either an object or person is exorcized, or when the devil is repudiated during a baptism. However, some people do not believe in the existence of angels, demons, and other supernatural beings, and are, therefore, known as atheists. Yet these people follow good morals, such as the Golden Rule, and believe in living every day as enthusiastic and loving as possible. Although the existence of angels and demons is questioned, various forms of evidence, found through religious and other sources, prove greater forms of spiritual beings exist. Angels were not only an important aspect of Christianity, but also many other religions that believed in different conformations and duties of their angels. For example the Buddhist angels were referred to as devas , or spiritual beings often “… described as bodies or emanations of light or energy” (Phillips 1). Devas were described as bodies of light and energy in the Buddhist religion. In the Christian tradition, the angels were part of nine bodiless hierarchy powers (“Angel (religion)” 1). Angels were involved in nine powers of authority in the Christian religion. Christians also had a fallen
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Carolyn and Chris angel known as Satan, who was once an archangel but was cast from heaven for sinning. Moreover, Hinduism referred to their spiritual beings as devas, meaning shining ones , who would protect humans. Islam angels were called malaikah and carry Allah’s, or God’s, message to the world; Malikah had no physical shape and true appearance was enigmatic, but changed into various configurations through visions and dreams (Phillips 4). The Islamic angels, Malaikah
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angels_and_demons[1][1][1] - Carolyn and Chris Belief of...

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