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sports - Through my social interactions playing volleyball...

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Through my social interactions playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer, I gained many amazing experiences and truly found to know a great group of girls who have become some of my closest friends. I was four years old and my parents wanted my sister, Kelly, and I to grow up being involved in sports, so we started to play soccer. I met many other children through being on soccer teams with them. Towards the end of my elementary years, my sister and I began to play on an all girls soccer traveling team, which helped me to start interacting with other girls my age. This team was important to me because I got along well with all of the girls that were a part of the team and all of the tournaments we went to made us better soccer players. I was on this team through middle school and once I entered high school I became a part of the varsity team. Most of the girls that were on the traveling team when I was
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