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thayer scholarship - extent where I would never state my...

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Thayer Scholarship I have developed many strengths and weaknesses but through various experiences I have learned to better myself. Because of my energy and talents, I have developed into a positive and independent young adult. One of my strengths is I consider team chemistry as an exceptionally important aspect of the working environment. I want people to get along and work together, creating a safe and positive environment for everyone to happily communicate. In addition, I am an independent worker and capable of accomplishing tasks on my own. Similarly, I am useful and do not rely on other people to do tasks in which were assigned to me. Another strength is the love I have for the company of people. Conversing and debating with others is something I enjoy, and my abilities to be fair and understanding have increased. Nonetheless, I have areas to improve. For instance, my lack of ability to withdrawal from an assignment. Once I begin a task, I feel the need to complete that task. Furthermore, I am an opinionated, outspoken person, but to the
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Unformatted text preview: extent where I would never state my opinion if my words were to hurt or offend another. Also, my parents wish for my success and have assisted me in eliminating some of my weaknesses by enlightening me on how to modify my mistakes into an achievement for all. My uniqueness comes from my energy and positivity to others who need the confidence for success. Likewise, I want success for others because everyone deserves a chance to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Experiences have taught me success is not being superlative to everyone, but finding joy throughout life. Ten years from now if I can answer yes to the question, “Am I a fortunate person?” I will consider myself an enormous success. I am fortunate to have reached the goals that I have and accomplishing many on my own has helped me to become a more independent person. Staying positive when times were rough has brought me success....
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thayer scholarship - extent where I would never state my...

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