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Daisy miller’s innocence Daisy Miller was believed to be sexually innocent for several reasons. One reason readers were lead to believe that Daisy Miller was sexually innocent was because of the conversation Frederick Winterbourne had with Mr. Giovanelli. After Daisy Miller died Mr. Giovanelli spoke to Winterbourne “’She was the most beautiful young lady I ever saw, and the most amiable.’ And then he added in a moment, ‘And she was the most innocent.’ Winterbourne looked at him, and presently repeated his words, ‘And the most innocent?’ ‘The most innocent!’”(James, 1538). Mr. Giovanelli’s words lead readers to believe that he and Daisy Miller were not sexually active. Magill states, “Winterbourne is immediately attracted to the young, beautiful, and flirtatious Daisy, who innocently ignores all the social conventions governing the conduct of young women in
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