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Daisy miller Essay[1][1][1][1] - Composition II Term Paper...

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Composition II Term Paper Instructor: Ms. Briese 9 February 2010 Daisy Miller: innocence and expatriate American society’s dissatisfaction “Daisy Miller: A Study” is a famous novel written by Henry James, an “…American- born author of 20 novels and more than 100 stories, plays, and pieces of literary criticism…”(North 1). James is a well-known author born in America, and writes 20 novels and more than 100 stories, plays, and literary criticisms. Most of James’s readers are women, and according to one critic, “‘…it is on the feminine mind that the linguistic art of Mr. James, his fearful symmetry, casts its spell’”(O’Donnel 2). Thus meaning that James’s writing caters more towards the works of the female mind. James, born in New York City in 1843, is the second child in a large and wealthy family. James spends part of his childhood in London, Geneva, and Paris before his family settles down in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Later, James drops out of Harvard Law School to write (North 2), and is now considered one of the greatest American novelists of the 19 th century. Throughout the novel, Daisy Miller: A Study, Miller was perceived by the expatriate Americans as a young woman guilty of flirtatious behavior. Since the expatriate American society strongly disapproved of Miller’s flirtatious ways, Henry James in Daisy Miller: A Study questions Miller’s loss of sexual innocence in the novel. At the end of the novel, critics discerned Daisy Miller as sexually innocent for several reasons. One reason for the belief of Miller’s sexual innocence was the conversation Frederick Winterbourne had with Giovanelli. After Miller died, Giovanelli said to Winterbourne “‘She was the most beautiful young lady I ever saw, and the most amiable.’ And then he added in a moment, ‘And she was the most innocent.’ Winterbourne looked at him, and presently repeated
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his words, ‘And the most innocent?’ ‘The most innocent!’”(James 1538). After the death of
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Daisy miller Essay[1][1][1][1] - Composition II Term Paper...

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