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Instructor: Mr. Bruning Period: 5 24 April 2010 Diego Velázquez http://coloquio.com/famosos/velazquez.htm http://www.diegovelazquez.org/biography.html Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velázquez was born June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain. Velázquez’s parents taught him to fear God and receive good training for a good profession. When Velázquez was a teenager, he met and studied art with Francisco Pacheco, and later on married his daughter, Maria Rodriguez, at the age of 19. After his marriage, Velázquez went to Madrid, Spain, where he painted a portrait of Philip IV. Velázquez went to Italy twice. Once to Vinice and Rome, where he would copy masterpieces, and again twenty years later to purchase some art.
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Unformatted text preview: In the beginning of the nineteenth century, his art was a symbol for the impressionist and realist painters. Most of Velázquez’s paintings consisted of landscapes, mythological and religious things, and genre pictures. Although, most of them were portraits of famous people. In 1660, Velázquez was granted with being in charge of the Infanta Maria Theresa and Louis IV of France’s wedding. It was one of the greatest ceremonies. However, from these labors he contracted a fever and died on August 6 th of that year. Since his death in 1660, artists have paid tribute to him by recreating some of Velázquez’s most famous work....
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