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8-10 min - I Introduction A Soccer or Futbol as it is known...

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I. Introduction A. Soccer, or Futbol, as it is known in many other countries is the world’s most popular sport. Although soccer is not the United States most popular sport, soccer is still among the important sports in our country. B. I am now going to address the history and development of soccer in America II. Body A . In the 20 th century soccer was ignored by America. B. but by 1960, the American society drastically changed with the expansion of travel and communications. Spectator sports were also rising in popularity because the invention of the television attracted people to sports like it never had before. C. Bill Cox, a major soccer promoter, envisioned a truly top-level professional soccer league, and in 1960 set out to create one. 1. it was the second international soccer league. 2. and was unique in that it consisted of foreign clubs, who played during their off-season as members of the ISL. 3. but one negative aspect was that, since it was off-season, they didn’t take the league very
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seriously, and often sent most reserve players as a way of keeping them in shape.
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