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Unformatted text preview: SUMMARY REACTION ESSAY Article: D.C.’s Same-Sex Marriage Proposal Has Couples Contemplating Moving By: Theresa Vargas SUMMARY Thesis: The question – make your marriage legal, or stay in the place where you’ve made a home – has forced many gay couples to weigh the battle of equal rights against quality-of-life issues, pitting a yard in Fairfax County against the chance to lock in inheritance and hospital visitation rights and the other benefits of marriage. Many homosexual couples have struggled with the question of moving and receiving the legal benefits of gay marriage or, staying in the community they chose to raise their child. This is an issue for homosexuals because if they chose to get married in another state and not move, their home state will not give them the legal benefits if gay marriage is not legal in that state. Thus being that the partner is not granted financial benefits, custody of children, and hospital visitation rights, and if they wish to receive these rights they have to spend the...
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