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Written Analysis!!! - Author: Ann Coulter Publisher: Crown...

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Author: Ann Coulter Publisher: Crown Forum Date of publication: 2006 Instructor: Mr. Bomgaars 4 May 2010 Ann Culter’s Godless is about a war. The war between the ‘religions’ of Christianity and liberalism. In addition, Godless is an extremely fiery book about
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Culter’s views of the Left side, and her opinion of the liberal’s beliefs. Because Culter is such a strong Christian, she is offended by the idea of abortion and pinpoints the grotesqueness of how terrible the procedure can be. Culter has been known by many people, even conservatives, to be somewhat crazy for the outrageous things she states in her book, yet she is educated so people will listen to what she has to say. Because Culter is a strong-minded Christian conservative, throughout her book, she reveals ideas about liberals that could possibly be true. Throughout Cultur’s book she uses research found in good resources to prove that her opinions are true. For instance, Culter is pro life and believes that all people should be, so she found quotes and research of how bad legal abortion can get to put in her book, informing people of the sad facts that exist in our society. Culter also discusses Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and how she believes that the liberals continue aspiring to prove that the theory of evolution is real, yet in attempting this they have always failed. Furthermore, Culter discusses her beliefs that all liberals are a part of a religion called Liberalism that does not believe in God because they do not respect many rules of the Christian religion. Culter is a driven Christian conservative with a strong political philosophy. For instance, Culter is strongly against the idea of abortion and attacks liberals about their beliefs by saying “To a liberal, 2,200 military deaths in the entire course of a war in Iraq is unconscionable, but 1.3 million aborted babies in America every year is something to
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Written Analysis!!! - Author: Ann Coulter Publisher: Crown...

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