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HR 2600: Human Resource Management Textbook Review Sheet for Final Exam (#3) About 30% of the exam questions will come from material that is only covered in the textbook. This review sheet gives you an idea of what to study from the assigned chapters in the textbook. The rest of the exam questions will come from lecture material (which may or may not also appear in the text). Note : beyond knowing the definitions of key concepts listed below, be sure that you know them well enough to apply them to specific examples or situations. Chapter 9: Managing Compensation What is value-added compensation ? What questions do managers ask when using a value-added viewpoint? What is the difference between exempt and nonexempt employees? What is the consumer price index (CPI) ? What are escalator clauses and real wages and how are they related to the CPI? What is a point system and why is it often used in place of ranking or classification systems?
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