No Child Left Behind Titles

No Child Left Behind Titles - -Title 7=supports agencies...

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NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND TITLES -Title 2= grants to state educational agencies, local educational agencies, partnerships. -Title 3= helps people who cant speak English. Makes sure that they can attain English proficiency and high levels of academic achievement. -Title 4= supports agencies that prevent violence. -Title 5= supports agencies that help reform. -Title 6= supports agencies that make assesments.
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Unformatted text preview: -Title 7=supports agencies for native American education. Title 8=supports local educational emergency funds. Title 9= guidelines how educational agencies receive funding. Title 10= repeals and amends laws affected by NCLB. All together they create a new direction in education where states and local educational agencies are held accountable for the education of the students....
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