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BRONCHIOLES AND BRONCHODILATION the sympathetic activation leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles in the walls of the bronchioles, causing bronchodilation. -the parasympathetic nervous system causes contraction on the smooth muscles= bronchoconstriction. -Lobule= segment of lung tissue that is bounded by connective tissue partitions and supplied by a single bronchiole, accompanied by branches of pulmonary arteries and veins. -respiratory bronchioles open into passageways called alveolar ducts.
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Unformatted text preview: -These ducts have alveolar sacs, chambers that connect multiple alveoli. -alveoli give lungs spongy appearance. The alveolar exchange surgace are very large (1.5 tennis courts).-Septa; cells secrete surfactant = oily coating over thin layer of water coating the alveolar surface. It reduces surface tensions. -when you dont have enough surfactant= alveoli dont open, respiratory distress syndrome, happens to many premature newborns....
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