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MSE2034 HW#6 Due Thursday, March 4 2 pts each, 10 points total 1) A zinc single-crystal is put into a tensile test condition. Its operative slip plane normal makes an angle of 65° with the tensile axis. The three possible slip directions on this plane make angles of 30°, 48°, and 78° with the same tensile axis. (a) Which of the three possible slip directions will be most favored? (b) If slip in this sample begins at a measured tensile stress of 2.5 MPa, determine the critical resolved shear stress for zinc. 2) Assume that the plot in Figure 7.15 is for an unworked sample of brass. If the data in Figure 7.19 applies to the same brass composition, determine the grain size of the alloy given in this figure. 3) An undeformed sample of some metal alloy with a recrystallization temperature of 400°C is measured to have an average grain size of 0.050 mm. The required grain size to obtain sufficient strength in application is 0.020 mm.
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Unformatted text preview: Explain how it would be possible to alter the sample to obtain this new structure, or explain why it is not possible to do so. 4) A cylindrical specimen of cold-worked steel is measured to have a Brinell hardness of 240. (a) Estimate its ductility in percent elongation, and (b) if the specimen retains a uniform cross-section during deformation and its original cross-section radius was 10 mm, determine the radius it will have in the cold-worked condition. 5) A cylindrical rod of brass with original diameter of 10.2 mm is to be cold-worked by a drawing process, maintaining the cylindrical cross-section during the process. Final properties are required to be a yield strength of at least 380 MPa and a ductility of at least 15%EL, with a final diameter of 7.6 mm. Describe a process that could achieve these properties, giving specific conditions for each required step....
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