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Discussion Questions 2

Discussion Questions 2 - much easier to detect and diagnose...

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Bryan Mattfeld PID: 905412174 September 9th, 2009 1. Heller suggests that the right hemisphere controls negative emotional response. Therefore, any damages to the left hemisphere would result in increased activation of the right hemisphere. This overcompensation of the “depressive” hemisphere would exacerbate feelings of sadness and despair, thus resulting in a depressed individual. Heller’s theory is based upon the concept of lateralization, in that each hemisphere carries distinct emotional response and control. 2. The right hemisphere control negative depressive symptoms. These include euphoria, manic tendencies, and emotional indifference. Individuals with such symptoms appear “flat” and without emotional response. The left hemisphere controls positive depressive symptoms. These include sadness, crying, and agitation. This is termed a “catastrophic reaction” (Goldstein) which is very visible. Depressions from the left hemisphere are therefore
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Unformatted text preview: much easier to detect and diagnose, and they follow along the general “popular theory” and thought on depression. 3. Depression is related most to dysfunction in two regions. These are the left frontal and right posterior portions of the brain. Literature and research suggests that emotional control and response is generated primarily in these two regions, and deactivation or over stimulus of one of these areas can result in depressive behaviors. 4. The lack of hypothesis of left posterior dysfunction is caused by a lack of data and concrete results. There are some early suggestions that left posterior dysfunction can cause a lack of verbal and literal comprehension, as well as memory impacts. Data, however, is spread and varied, and thus not enough has been recorded on the caudal regions of the left hemisphere to create firm hypothesis....
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Discussion Questions 2 - much easier to detect and diagnose...

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