English Review Table 4.13

English Review Table 4.13 - Name of Text The Daydreams of a...

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Name of Text: The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman Plot Synopsis (Be brief yet descriptive) A woman has the day off and doesn’t have anything to do so she lounges around the house for the majority of the day. Her husband is at work and her kids at her their aunt’s. She is unhappy and calls herself a lazy bitch. That Saturday, her husband and her go to a business dinner, where she is drunk and rambles on in her mind about random topics: another woman, another businessman, etc. She returns home and goes to bed, but not without calling herself a “slut.” Notable Features (give 3 Devices and tell Effect) Stream of consciousness- allows the readers access into the woman’s mind, which would not be available otherwise. The effect is that the psychology of the character is available and more information is given to the reader. Characterization of the woman- lets the reader know that she is unhappy with her situation because her moods rapidly change. She is never quite settled with her life or herself. Diction- shows how unhappy she is because she uses certain words to describe her life. Quotations (List a quotation to accompany each feature above) “Bet you anything she isn’t even married for all that pious look on her face… and that fine hat stuck on her head. A fat lot of good her hypocrisy would do her, and she had better watch out in case her airs and graces proved her undoing”(33)!
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English Review Table 4.13 - Name of Text The Daydreams of a...

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