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English Review Table 4.19

English Review Table 4.19 - Name of Text Mystery in Sao...

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Name of Text: Mystery in Sao Cristovao Plot Synopsis (Be brief yet descriptive) Three masqueraders on the way to a ball stop by a house in order to gather hyacinths. They are caught by the young girl who watches them from a window, and all four seem to share an important moment between them. The masqueraders leave to the ball, and the young girl’s family is restless at rest, then they return to normalcy. Notable Features (give 3 Devices and tell Effect) Metaphor- The hyacinth stalk can be a representation of the young girl’s innocence, or virginity. When it is broken, it implies that her innocence has been taken, and she has come of age. Symbolism- the hyacinths are at one point, described as white, which is also a symbol for purity, which supports the idea that the hyacinths represent the young girl’s innocence. Incorporating the girl as one of the three masqueraders- she is grouped in with them. Her innocence has been lost, but not by force. She has grown up, but she wanted it in a sense, and she is just as involved as them. Quotations (List a quotation to accompany each feature above) “…the old lady… pointed to the only visible sign in the garden that shunned discovery: the hyacinth- still alive but with its stalks broken...Then it was true: something had happened” (138). “The hyacinths gradually seemed to become whiter in the darkness” (136). “The simple encounter of four masks on that autumn evening seemed to have touched deep recesses…and the four figures spied each other with open wings” (136).
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Name of Text: The Crime of the Mathematics Professor Plot Synopsis (Be brief yet descriptive) A professor travels to a hill in order to bury a dog in substitute for a dog that he abandoned earlier. Then he unburied it and leaves it there.
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