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Pham 1 Stephanie Pham H. Wilson IB English August 18, 2009 Free Write The first of the literary eras in American was a movement called Colonialism, which was defined by its practicality and functional use in society. Since this collided with the colonial period of settlement in the early 17 th century, the primary objective of the time was to simply just survive and make a living. Because of this, literature was not useful unless it applied to common, everyday life, such as in the examples of cookbooks and diaries. There was rarely any fiction circulating in the states. One piece of literature that pertained to this particular time period was
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Unformatted text preview: “Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God,” a sermon by Jonathan Edwards. He gave this speech during the First Great Awakening, which was a religious revival in the colonies. In it, Edwards preaches for the benefit of God, and admonishes the sinners by conjuring up images of Hell and damnation. This is done in a condescending and accusatory tone, and is meant to basically frighten people to become moral, law biding Christians. This can be seen as practical, as it certainly does have application in everyday life; people were fearful of God....
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