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Name of Text: The Awakening Plot Synopsis (Be brief yet descriptive) Edna Pontellier spends the summer at Grand Isle off the coast of Louisiana with her family. During this time, she begins to question her role as a mother and feels confined by it. She falls in love with Robert Lebrun, who goes away to Mexico because his morals will not allow him to love Edna. Upon arriving back in the city, Edna begins to break away from the role that society has imposed upon her. She moves out of the house and buys her own, she has a short affair with Alcee, and sends her children off to their grandmother. After Robert comes back, he confesses his love for her, but will not be with her because of his conscience. Realizing that she cannot live such a life where she is limited, Edna commits suicide by drowning. . Notable Features (give 3 Devices and tell Effect) Characterization- Edna is described as someone who is not a mother woman, which lets the reader know that she is not happy with her role in society. Her characterization also makes her the protagonist of the story. Allusion- Swinburne’s
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Review Chart_Stephanie Pham_4-29-10 - Name of Text: The...

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