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World Literature Assignment #2 Planning Document Name: Stephanie Pham Option chosen:2C Commentary on extract Work(s) selected: Family Ties How do literary devices create effects in the extract? Specific passages/excerpt “Family Ties,” pgs. 116-11 87 : “Catherine looked at her mother …”- …the train was already pulling out.” Thesis Statement (clearly written, correctly punctuated, well worded with strong verbs— no “to be” verbs): Clarice Lispector conveys the idea that the ties connecting families together are forged by obligation and are powerful despite lack of affection. She creates this theme by using literary devices such as diction, metaphors, and character psychology. Body 1: Topic Sentence- Lispector creates the estranged feeling between mother and daughter by using diction. When Catherine and her mother accidentally hit each other in the cab on the way to the train station, they are both surprised by the contact. Catherine describes it using words like “disaster,” “catastrophe,” “collision,” “anxious.” “irremediable disaster.” “physical intimacy long forgotten.” Metaphor- As if “mother and daughter” meant “life and repugnance.”
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Stephanie_planning doc - World Literature Assignment#2...

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