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World Lit Paper outline - II Death of close friends in A...

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Stephanie Pham May 11, 2009 IB English World Lit Paper Outline The Experience of Death in  Anna Karenina  and  A Doll’s House I. Introduction a. Introduces  Anna Karenina  and  A Doll’s House  as two works of literature that can  paralleled in many ways. b. Both written around the same time.  c. Death motif- characters in each work have thought of committing suicide (Anna,  Levin, Nora, Krogstad) d. Anna is successful in her attempt. e. Additionally, some are faced with the inevitable death of someone close to them-  Rank and Nikolay. f. Thesis: Both authors, Ibsen and Tolstoy, attempt to convey the message that  death is a universal experience, regardless of who is subjected to it. 
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Unformatted text preview: II. Death of close friends in A Doll’s House a. Rank reveals during his conversation with Nora that he is going to die soon- p. 64-71 b. Rank appears one last time at the end before he goes off to die- p. 101-104 c. Helmer and Nora both seem nonchalant at the thought of his death III. Death of close friends in Anna Karenina a. Nikolay’s illness is slow and painful. b. Levin is forced with deal with his brother Nikolay’s death- p. 453-467 IV. Conclusion a. Summarize and discuss theme of death b. Compare Anna Karenina and A Doll’s House characters...
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