Cuban Essay - supply. This led to even more fear from the...

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Stephanie Pham K. Napoleon IB History January 31, 2010 Cuba Essay #1 Outline I. Intro a. Cold War into Context/time period b. Thesis: The USSR placed missiles in Cuba in 1962 because of their  alliance with Cuba as well as US actions prior to the incident. II. The USSR had an alliance with Cuba. a. Cuban Revolution resulted in Fidel Castro rising to power. b. There was a strict ANTI-communist feeling in the US- Red Scare; anything  and anyone having to do with communism was perceived negatively,  sometimes put on trial or killed c. Castro’s political allegiance was unclear: communist or not?
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d. His actions seemed to be very despotic, so the US placed an embargo on  Cuban imports. The US was Cuba’s biggest market, so they suffered.  Result: Castro turned to Khrushchev, so offered to buy all of Cuba’s 
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Unformatted text preview: supply. This led to even more fear from the US that Cuba was indeed communist. III. US actions during the time period a. Bay of Pigs- public embarrassment b. Missiles on Turkey- makes them seem hypocritical c. U-2 spy incident- led to MORE distrust between the USSR and US IV. Result- a. Almost a HOT WAR. b. Most tense situation during the Cold War c. Compromise- US wont interfere in Cuba if USSR removes missiles V. Conclusion a. The USSR placed missiles in Cuba for a number of reasons. Although they seem to be the villain in this scenario, its good to remember that the US is not innocent. The end result, though, seems to be that the leaders learn how to compromise....
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Cuban Essay - supply. This led to even more fear from the...

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