Essay due novemer 16

Essay due novemer 16 - Stephanie Pham K. Napoleon IB...

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Stephanie Pham K. Napoleon IB History November 15, 2009 To what extent were the causes of WWII similar to the causes of WWI? World War II took place in Europe and in the Pacific from 1939-1945. It involved many of the same belligerent nations that fought in World War I, such as Germany, Great Britain, and France. Additionally, World War II had many of the same underlying tensions that were seen in World War I as well. Thus, the causes of World War II were similar to the causes of World War I to a great extent economically, politically, and militarily. Germany played a critical role in both wars, especially in terms of economics. In both wars, German desire for land expansion and resources were seen. Before the First World War, Germany rapidly grew as an industrial state, and eventually surpassed Great Britain in production and output. However, it was heavily reliant on imports, ultimately creating a trade deficit in their economy despite its efficiency in production. The only way to solve this problem was to increase the number of exports to foreign markets. However, most markets then were already monopolized by other European countries, usually Britain and France. This led to German fears of “economic encirclement,” or becoming surrounded by countries and falling behind in economic profit. Additionally, pre World War I was the age of imperialism and it was very common for European countries to colonize foreign areas in order to gain markets for 1
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exports. Germany, though, did not really possess any of these areas and this was one of the main
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Essay due novemer 16 - Stephanie Pham K. Napoleon IB...

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