Essay Questions due November 6

Essay Questions due November 6 - 3 Analyze Chamberlain’s...

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11/10/09 Essay Questions: *Based on reading packet- “Causes of World War II” 1. To what extent were the causes of WWII similar to the causes of WWI? a. German involvement b. Land expansion, resources for economy c. Japan’s presence in China- for resources (Malthusian curse) d. Economic encirclement 2. Consider this: “Once Hitler came to power in 1933, his ideology of struggle and  determination to restore Germany might…propelled the European balance of  power towards revolutionary change rather than evolutionary change.” To what  extent do you agree with this assessment? a. Revolutionary change vs. evolutionary change- instead of allowing  balance of power to change naturally, Hitler forced a change b. Ideology of struggle- treaty of Versailles and its revision, gaining back  territories that Germany lost, struggle to fight treaty c. Determination to restore Germany might- propaganda he used
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Analyze Chamberlain’s appeasement policy (pick it apart- why did he decide this?) a. Appeasement- find things that will satisfy Germany’s appetite (concessions, settlements). b. Britain- maintain balance of power, going through Great Depression, interested in things that affected Britain c. No military or money 4. Analyze Stalin’s decision to sign the Nazi-Soviet Pact in August, 1939 (Why?) a. Political stances- communism vs. other ideologies b. Bitterness from World War I- land taken away from Soviet Union, and lack of Allies fighting on the eastern front/ c. Germany can give them land- further western border. 5. To what extent did the British and French “call Hitler’s bluff” when he moved against Poland in September 1939? a. Is Hitler really bluffing? b. Hitler thought appeasement would give him the land...
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Essay Questions due November 6 - 3 Analyze Chamberlain’s...

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