If Diplomacy Was Possile

If Diplomacy Was Possile - is the first time that war...

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Stephanie Pham Mary Katherine Johnson “IF Diplomacy Was Possible” III. War Aims and Plans a. Our main goals as a country for the course of war are to keep Belgium neutral  and keep a balance of power. b. “We’ll be home by Christmas.” c. Unlike the other countries, we don’t really have a war strategy at first. We plan on  sending the small British Expeditionary Force and conform to whatever the  French Plan is as a junior partner. But, we also improved our naval force (with  Dreadnought-class battleships) IV. Conditions of the War a. Most of the battles are on the western front, near Belgium and France. b. Trench warfare is brutal and exhausting for the soldiers and commanders, and it 
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Unformatted text preview: is the first time that war heavily involves civilians because the fighting is not limited to certain areas. It’s like the civilians are fighting too. c. We have been forced to convert to wartime economy and establish a draft. d. The civilians have been disillusioned because the war has lasted longer than intended, and the soldiers have been disillusioned as well because there is nothing heroic about war, not like it is claimed to be. We have to use propaganda to make the war seem worthwhile, and censor anti war sentiment. e. We absolutely blame Germany for the war. We wouldn’t have had to get involved had it not tried to take over Belgium!...
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