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munich source based questions

munich source based questions - too because of the...

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Stephanie Pham K. Napoleon IB History November 9, 2009 Munich Source Based Questions a) In November 1937, Chamberlain’s policy towards Germany was to try to and avoid conflict with them despite Hitler’s plans. In addition, Chamberlain wished to delay Germany’s plans and restrain them for as long as possible. This way, it would take a lot of time for Germany’s plans to be executed and Hitler might decide that it’s not worth his time. Above all else, though, Chamberlain just wanted to avoid a war with Germany. b) Chamberlain was determined to avoid war in the Sudetenland because he knows that it will evolve in a world conflict. If there were military plans, then the system of alliances would probably fall into place. For example, if France were to become involved in warfare, then Great Britain would most likely join
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Unformatted text preview: too because of the association between the two. Instead, Chamberlin wishes to maintain peace with Germany for as long as possible and try to delay their plans in hopes that Germany will abandon them. c) Munich was a major defeat for Britain and France because it allowed Germany to further its plans of domination over Europe. Britain and France have failed to maintain peaceful negotiations with Germany and it seems that war is inevitable. They allowed Hitler to continue with his plans because they wanted to avoid conflict, but instead it seems as if they will have to go to war anyway. By choosing not to fight at first, Britain and France showed that they were not willing to go to war, which resulted in Germany and its ally Japan to continue pursuing their plans....
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