Origins of the Cold War Conflicts and Concerns

Origins of the Cold War Conflicts and Concerns - Stephanie...

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Stephanie Pham January 5, 2010 Origins of the Cold War: Conflicts and Concern I. 1. The Cold War can be defined as a period of permanent hostility between two parties (in this case, the U.S and the USSR). However, a characteristic of the Cold War is that the hostility never erupted into actual armed conflict because of the fear of a nuclear war, which could cause massive destruction. Instead, the Cold War is fought through different means, such as through economies or using other countries as pawns. 2. I believe that the Cold War started when Winston Churchill gave the Iron Curtain speech, because up until then, the U.S and the USSR seemed to be willing to compromise with each other because they were tired of war and wanted to avoid any other conflict. However, by suggesting that western and eastern Europe were distinctly separated and implying that the USSR has a negative agenda, Churchill essentially stated outright that the western powers and the USSR were on opposite sides. He criticized communism, the core ideology of the USSR. Because of this, Stalin retreated and was opposed to any compromise because then, he only wanted to achieve his agenda. II. 1946 Kennan’s Long Telegram expressed his support for the doctrine of “containment”. He later published a public version known as the “Mr. X article”. It influenced Washington to a great extent, which would have caused tension between the western powers and USSR because one of the latter’s objectives was to spread communism to the eastern bloc. Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech was a speech that he made to the public. He declared that there was an “iron curtain,” meaning a barrier, between western and eastern Europe. This is an event that might have led to the Cold War because Stalin already felt as if the
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Origins of the Cold War Conflicts and Concerns - Stephanie...

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