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PHIL summary week 1

PHIL summary week 1 - It is essential to distinguish the...

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It is essential to distinguish the four disciplinary orientations: ethics, religion, law, and etiquette. Morality is unique from law and etiquette because it explores the essence of rational existence more thoroughly and from religion by investigating reasons rather than authority to validate principles. Louis and Paul Pojman contend that morality is grounded in reason and human experience rather than derived from divine authority or in laws that are valid yet could be viewed as immoral. They seek to present an unbiased text by including arguments from all areas of the environmental ethics spectrum. The creation story in the book of Genesis is the Hebrew-Christian view of a divine creator who creates the world as “good” and man and woman in his own image. When the creation first commenced there was a void – nothing, no good or bad; God introduces the good by creating light. This account is considered the basis of the western religious view of the relationship between humanity and nature. In Genesis, God gives man
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